"Inspiration, move me brightly.

Light the song with sense and color;

hold away despair,

Faced with mysteries dark and vast,

statements just seem vain at last.

Some rise, some fall, some climb,

to get to terrapin."


Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia 1942-1995


For Spring/Summer 2017, Matiere explores the single thread that started it all, embarking on

a voyage from the brand's base in Costa Mesa along the California coast to the city of San

Francisco--a city that holds immense significance to the brand.  In the late 1980s, founder

Scot Shandalove began his journey as a Deadhead, following the Grateful Dead across

countless miles, cities, and shows racking up an impressive attendance of over 200

concerts.  More significantly, this is when Shandalove began his foray into fashion by

creating graphic and tie-dye t-shirts to sell out of his car as a way to creatively earn money

on the road.  This experience inspired the season's fabric treatments from pigment sprays

and overdyes to enzyme washes and dip dyes.



Taking inspiration from the classic mariner, Shandalove incorporated workwear influences

into the collection with details like cargo pockets and drawstring hems on weathered indigo

linen pants and button-up shirts.  Various fabrics traveled across the Pacific such as

Japanese raw silk terry, waterproof nylon, cotton crepe, and a sea-washed viscose-cotton

blend.  Dye treatments and textural fabrics fuse tactility and functionality into a collection

that combines the past and the future.



Spring/Summer's color palette is an ode to the city with sun-faded hues, seafarer blues, and

soft neutrals working together to reflect the unique color combinations seen on the city's

row of iconic "Painted Ladies" houses.  A luxury dip-dyed capsule within the collection

features Japanese ultra-textured, cotton slub pants and shorts as well as a raw silk tee

faded in indigo's reminiscent of the Pacific.