Matiere co-founders Scot Shandalove and Henry Choi couldn't help but look to

the raw, unfiltered energy of punk rock to inspire the brand's Autumn/Winter

2017 season.  The collection, which features a mash-up of fibers, silhouettes

and washes, pays homage to this historical movement and era.



London, the birthplace of punk, is the inspiration for the season's fabric

choices from dimensional Japanese wools with fur accents to Italian winter

Tartans and monochrome plaids.  Matiere's signature activewear addition

breathes an air of functionality into punk's rebellious nature with acid-

washed, over-dyed knit denim and elevated velour loungers.  The brand

strategically partnered with Schoeller Switzerland to develop a waterproof,

breathable, M65 Merino Wool parka and matching cargo pant to withstand

any climate.  Taped seams, waterproof zippers and funnel neck hoods are the

protective design details forming the vandal's everyday armor.



Japanese yarn-dyed wools and wide wale cotton corduroy imbues 70s

referential flavor, while camel hair French Terry leads the brand's trademark

lux lounge capsule.  The Clash became literal with the collection's layered

influences informing a refined, crossbred style.  After all, it wouldn't be a

Matiere collection without a thread of musical inspiration.